Who We Are

The FRACTAL-SWISS Group founded by Charly Segessenmann is a network of independent partners with 200 customers and about one-third has been present in the Swiss market since the year 1999. The strategic will of FRACTAL-SWISS Group is a global rolling out of its network with partners from various professional backgrounds, having accumulated great managerial and organizational skills.

Our Values :

  • Simplicity and pragmatism
  • Listening to the customer
  • Striving for excellence
  • Transparency

Simplify your organisation and
ensure sustainability

We offer you the possibility to stand back and take a high level view of your organisation, and discover together with us how the potential of your business can be best exploited. We offer a comprehensive business consulting concept : from analysis, through the development and definition of solutions, to the implementation of the chosen solution in your organization. This all-round package naturally also includes the editorial work. In order to capitalize on the benefits of our consulting services, we have developed the business software FRACTAL-SWISS®. This application includes an intranet portal and a range of management tools, and enable you to monitor progress over the entire course of the project.

We offer :