FRACTAL-SWISS® The Backbone of Your Organisation

Our intranet portal FRACTAL-SWISS®, specially developed for SMEs and public guarantees simple, pragmatic and unambiguous document and processes management in the spirit of the ISO 9001 standard.

FRACTAL-SWISS®, developed around the MS Office tools, supports you in the daily management of all documents, distributing them to your staff in accordance with authorized access and adequate controls. The entire process management is made more transparent and document control optimized, contributing to reduced administrative costs. With the help of the communication platform, you can achieve incomparable efficiency in the running of your organization.

Document management

FRACTAL-SWISS® ensures the automatic identification of every document in the page header and footer, enabling it to be saved in the desired place in the directory tree with a mouse click. The transfer of data (appointments, tasks, notes with electronic signature) from Outlook or other applications as information for customers and staff takes place via a gateway and is also automatic.


FRACTAL-SWISS® provides a steering system to aid managers in ensuring the effective use of resources in every process. In addition, it helps them to lead their organization and to assure its continued operation on the basis of a Balanced Scorecard with clearly defined strategic and operational targets.

Project management

FRACTAL-SWISS® provides project management with scheduling, so that you retain control over timing, costs and the associated risks. An Outlook gateway automatically handles appointments, tasks and notes. For each task, Gantt planning shows very clearly who is responsible for the project, when a phase begins and ends, and the current state of play.

Continuous improvement

FRACTAL-SWISS® provides automated management of continuous improvement for the entire organization. With this application, messages can be managed quickly and easily on the basis of a detailed identifier. In addition, e-mails, printouts on paper or detailed reports can be produced. Each message is automatically linked to a folder in which the information to be stored is collected.