Financial Structuring

Together with your accountants and trustees we produce a financial review of your balance sheet and profit-and-loss accounts. Based on the results we can provide you with the appropriate consulting and support in the implementation of tools and production of the necessary documentation for the structuring of equity and debt capital financing.

We work out a business transfer or mergers & acquisitions (M&A) strategy for you, and for this purpose we actively support you in the analysis of your assets and liabilities as well as your company’s products and markets. Our concept also includes the evaluation of your business to determine the most suitable M&A goals.

Project finance management (Project Finance)

Following a joint study of your project we support you in the preparation of a financial business plan and, if needed, the drafting of an application for short-term funding.

Procurement of goods (Trade Finance)

We support you in the implementation of classic but underrated financial instruments such as payment insurance, letters of credit or bank guarantees, forfaiting or export insurance, for pre-financing the procurement or sale of your products.

Liquidity (Debt Finance/Equity Finance)

We carry out a comprehensive check of your short, medium and long-term liquidity needs on the basis of your balance sheet and profitand-loss accounts, and work out a financial business plan to enable you to evaluate your liquidity risks. We produce the necessary financial documents and support you in the acquisition of interim financing through equity or outside capital.