Partenaire Suisse Pascal Güngerich

Pascal Güngerich

CH-2525 Le Landeron

Partenaire Suisse Madeleine Amstutz

Madeleine Amstutz

CH-3657 Schwanden-ob-Sigriswill

Partenaire Suisse Laurence Gilardi

Laurence Gilardi

CH-1264 St-Cergue

With more than 10 years of experience in business management and trained in all quality management tools, I help and train SMEs to the best tools to set up a simple and efficient organization.

Partenaire Suisse Kay Brüninghaus

Kay Brüninghaus

CH-8000 Zürich

Partenaire Suisse Thomas Gandy

Thomas Gandy

CH-1000 Lausanne

Partenaire Suisse Antony Schneiter

Antony Scheiter

CH-2710 Tavannes