Business Transfer

What is a company worth, if it is not the price that a purchaser is willing to pay for it? The appropriate valuation is a question of transparency based on various pillars such as : operational and business modelling capturing all the company's financial data and other relevant key indicators in order to structure and document them in the form of a statistical valuation.

Your benefits :

  • Demonstrate the strategic differences which can represent a competitive advantage.

  • Excellent insight into the operational part of the business, giving proof of full control over internal processes and costs.

  • Clear positioning of the company in the market environment.

Corporate management and business development

The business model is a powerful instrument for disclosing the logical connections in your company’s business. It gives the future a concrete shape by clearly defining your perspectives. The business model provides purchasers and investors with information on how you create value, while taking the associated risks into account. This is all put together and presented in the business simulator and in the actual business plan.

Support for certification

We analyze your organization and produce a complete model of your company. Our intranet portal FRACTAL-SWISS® provides potential purchasers with a transparent view of your organisation. Thanks to continuous improvement, excellent information management and operational efficiency become a matter of course. With a LIVING management system, practically any desired certification is within reach.

Financial structuring

Together with the entrepreneur, we produce a complete financial review of the company, so that all relevant key indicators, including financial data, are captured and a statistically-based and documented company evaluation can be carried out. This financial structuring also includes a competitor comparison and a 360-degree view of the markets to determine the company’s positioning in its market.