The intranet portal FRACTAL-SWISS®

The intranet portal FRACTAL-SWISS®

The intranet portal FRACTAL-SWISS® does not depends on Internet Explorer since we developed, in 2019, our own independent browser based on libraries from the browser Chromium.

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The intranet portal FRACTAL-SWISS® and his management system focus towards processes allows you to:

  • Master your cost and react rapidly to changes (think about a crisis like the one we are going through).
  • Insure your sustainable development, your position and your visibility on the market.
  • Structure your organization in a simple, tailor-made way to meet your customers' expectations.
  • Empower your employees.
  • Clearly identify each person's tasks in order to guarantee profitability and increase your added value.

In summary: FRACTAL-SWISS® lets you organize, communicate, plan and drive.

With the following advantages, it guarantees:

  • Activity traceability
  • Quick and unrestricted accessibility to documents and information
  • Save time thanks to the automatically structured filing of documents and emails
  • No more documentary duplicates
  • An easier process to train and/or replaces an employee
  • Continuous improvement through the quality loop
  • Management of strategic and operational indicators thanks to the forward-looking dashboard.

You will thus have a considerably strengthened organization and an easier preparation for your certifications!

Charly Segessenmann

Charly Segessenmann

Date de la mise en ligne :

May 8, 2020