Build the future by learning from the pandemic through the implementation a remote internal audit!


It is undeniable that the pandemic period we are living in is undermining our organizations and revealing gaps that we did not even suspect. What should we do with it now?

Accepting the current situation as inevitable and doing nothing to strengthen its organization against any major future incident would be a mistake. The urgent actions that we have been forced to implement are not only a response to this particular situation but must also serve as a way to develop our organization of tomorrow. The main example is the considerable number of companies that did not want to hear about remote work and were able to successfully to introduce it within a few days! This allowed a large part of the work force to continue their work remotely.

In this context, and no doubt, an internal audit is an excellent way to ensure that the organization is in control of its activities. The internal audit will highlight recent malfunctions; It will ensure that risks are identified and addressed. The internal audit will also be used to ensure that the organization's strategic positioning and governance are consistent. It will monitor that the objectives can be achieved with the management system in place. Finally, with the resulting findings, the auditor will provide advice and proposals for improvement, thus stimulating the creation of added value for the organization.

Historically, the completion of the internal audit is synonymous with meetings between auditors and audited persons, in particular in order to observe the employee interviewed in his work environment. However, FRACTAL-SWISS SA has successfully conducted remote internal audits of administrative and management processes on several occasions. The development of technical means (video conferencing and screen sharing) on the one hand and the increase in digitalization on the other hand makes this kind of remote practice perfectly possible. The experience shows a reduced audit time by preserving an acceptable conversation time for stakeholders. To meet the time frame, it is essential to properly target the scope of the internal audit and stick to it. In conclusion, remote internal auditing has become an opportunity with many benefits and is perfectly complementing on-site auditing of business processes.

FRACTAL-SWISS SA partners have both the skills to carry out your internal audits, but also all the experience gained in management positions of companies operating in a wide range of activities. To use their services is not only offering a systematic and methodical approach, but also a distant and external on one's own organization. It finally offers the possibility - beyond internal audit - to have valuable advice in defining an action plan tailored to the needs of your organization.

Pascal Güngerich

Pascal Güngerich

Date de la mise en ligne :

May 9, 2020