A plan to continue activities before risk occurs!

How can FRACTAL-SWISS SA help you?

The beginning of 2020 was stressful and very difficult for the whole planet. A major risk, rather neglected in the analyses, but predictable, appeared. Who was ready?


The sudden disruption of activities, in almost all sectors, is rare but not impossible. Can your company react quickly and in the right direction?

Upstream preparation is obviously necessary and neglected in the vast majority of Swiss companies except banks and strategic services.


Did this laid-back businessman set up a BCP within his company? 

There is an ISO 22301:2019 standard which is an abbreviated BCMS "business continuity management system." This is the most correct term to use, however, the term BCP (Business Continuity Plan) is still widely used in practice. The standard specifies the requirements for planning, establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, revising, maintaining and continuously improving a documented management system to protect against, reduce, respond to, and recover from disruptive incidents.

ISO 22301 certification allows to:

  • Organize business continuity with regards to operational and business issues.
  • Identify potential threats and their impact on the organization's activities.
  • Anticipate and improve the resilience of the organization.

Disruptive events that can be controlled by a business continuity plan include fire, cyber-attacks, disruption of the telephone network, etc.

A disaster can quickly jeopardize the organization and its business relationships.

The consultants of FRACTAL-SWISS SA can assist you to set up a BCMS according to the standard, so that everyone in your company knows what to do, where to go, with what missions, with whom and how,, in case of proven risks resulting in a shutdown of some or all activities.

A power outage, a local or global epidemic, a supply disruption, a supplier bankruptcy, a computer attack, etc. all risks that we identify with you and with significant consequences should be considered in your SMCA business management system or Business Continuity Plan.

Une certification 22301 est en outre possible dans certains pays et prochainement en Suisse les organismes agréés s’y préparant, 2020 oblige…Mais le plan est utile sans certificat bien entendu !


We develop the plan with you so that the impacts of a risk on your business are controlled and costs are limited. This approach also allows for gains in normal activity as it sheds light on certain malfunctions. It is part of good quality management.

A 22301 certification is also possible in some countries and soon in Switzerland.

The certification bodies are preparing for it in 2020. But the plan is already useful without a certificate of course!

A PCA is not only useful for an emergency!

We see 5 essential benefits that a company can gain from implementing this business continuity standard by following the methodology of FRACTAL-SWISS SA.

1.      Meet the legal requirements

More and more countries are defining laws and regulations requiring compliance with business continuity. And beyond the interests of government, private companies, particularly in the banking and financial sector, also require their suppliers and partners to implement business continuity solutions. ISO 22301 provides an appropriate and pragmatic framework and methodology to achieve compliance with these requirements, reducing administrative and operational efforts, as well as the number of possible penalties to be paid. The future could make it even more necessary and obligatory because of what the planet has to face during 2020.

2.      Developing a competitive advantage

If your business is ISO 22301 certified and your competitors are not, you will have an advantage over them for customers who are sensitive to the continuity of their operations. In addition, such certification can help you get new customers, by showing your good advance practice.

3.      Reducing dependence on specialists

Frequently and can also be in your business, critical activities rely on a few people difficult to replace, a situation painfully demonstrated when these people leave the organization. Leaders who are aware of this can use business continuity practices to become much less dependent on these people, who because of alternatives implemented, who by documenting complex tasks. Your organization becomes more stable and this in perfect integration into your ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

4.      Preventing damage and limiting losses

In a world of services, merchandise distribution and real-time transactions, every service shutdown can be expensive. And, even if you feel that your business is not very sensitive to short periods of downtime, disruptive incidents can cost you dearly if there is no remediation in place. By implementing ISO 22301-compliant business continuity practices, you'll have to anticipate. Whether it's preventing disruptive incidents from happening or becoming able to recover faster or keeping your employees in touch and up to business as much as possible, your business will save money. And, the best thing of all is that your investment in ISO 22301 is much smaller than the cost savings you will get. Planning is a leader's mission and ISO 22301 will help you.

5.      Improving your productivity

Analyzing disruptive risks and how to eliminate, avoid, transfer, or limit them, often helps to identify dysfunctions in the organization or in the practice of performing tasks. Looking for solutions and not just a strategy, what ISO 22301 is committed to doing is a way to find ways to better practice, more reliable and/or more productive. The updated annual business continuity plan also requires thinking about new risks.


Finally, you may know it, our FRACTAL portal can also be a strategic part of your Business Continuity Plan because each employee can find easily the elements of his missions when activating the plan.

If not, ask us for a demonstration!

Jean-Christophe Hadorn

Jean-Christophe Hadorn

Date de la mise en ligne :

May 11, 2020