Certification support of the EN 9100

Logo Decision

These two companies, DECISION SA et First Industries, Décision SA which is also the designer and builder of the Solar Impulse aircraft with Bertrand Piccard (http://www.solarimpulse.com/) must receive their EN 9100 certification to be able to continue with their activities and provide their services to clients. This certification should be acquired within a 12-month period otherwise they will no longer be authorized to promote their activities in the aerospace sector.

Project definition and analysis

Firstly, FRACTAL-SWISS SA and the client defined the certification project workflow.


Secondly, we carried out an analysis of the situation to improve the scope of the change project in order to develop the project, its objectives and the resources required.


Implementation of the FRACTAL-SWISS® platform

For facilitate the tasks mentioned above, use was made of the FRACTAL-SWISS® platform by all involved in the project in order to centralize each business process, including all operational documentation.

The FRACTAL-SWISS® platform was used to roll out all the business processes including those corresponding to the EN 9100 certification.

FRACTAL-SWISS portail intranet Suisse pour norme EN 9100

All teams involved in the EN 9100 certification project has direct access and were able to submit all the documentation, drafts and final documents, namely:

  • Management of all correspondence according to the processes dedicated to the departments;
  • Standardization of the documentation and "corporate identity" allowing the company to be presented with a single uniform identity;
  • Cross-sectional transparency towards all of the company's employees thus standardizing the message of the company's vision and mission;
  • Subsequent reduction in the company's overheads;
  • Receiving excellent comments from the auditors, financial auditors and EN 9100 and ISO certification by the deadlines.

Project costs

The project costs comprise:

  • the FRACTAL-SWISS® platform, formatting and adaptation of the latter to the company's needs;

  • implementation of all the processes with the company's teams, including the writing of the latter;
  • implementation of the processes in the platform with simplified and uniform management for all those involved (internally and externally);
  • support for EN 9100 certification;

CHF/€45,000 before tax representing approx. 230 man-hours.

The project cost has been amortized over a year based on a simple calculation of productivity per employee and the time required for the implementation/search for documents, according to standard EN 9100, as follows:


For a 50-person team with each person spending 5 minutes per day looking for documents this is an annual productivity gain of CHF 46,200.

This does not consider other more significant factors such as specific loss of business (EN 9100) which would have lead the company to automatically revise its strategy.



Date de la mise en ligne :

July 6, 2018